Welcome to my dance art project “The Poetry of Motion”

The inspiration for this project started back in 2009 when I became the official photographer for the Manassas Ballet Theatre. After two years of shooting the talented dancers and being exposed to the beauty of ballet and dance, which I will admit i never had much of an interest in, I found myself wanting to share some of the beauty with a wider audience that might have never been to a ballet or a dance performance. My goal with this project is the bring the beauty of dance to a wider audience away from where you would typically expect to view and enjoy it.

My first shoot for this project was in early spring 2011 with a very talented ballet professional, Sara Gaydash, at the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC. I knew we were on to something with this project when we attracted quite a crowd of onlookers, who were watching me shoot Sara in Various Ballet poses. The response that day as well as today to this project has been overwhelmingly positive and it has been personally very gratifying creatively as an artist to work with all the  talented dancer in this project. We have a gallery that will be doing an exhibition of the finished prints in the future, I also plan to publish a photo coffee table book of selected images from the shoots as a companion to the selected works for the gallery exhibition.

If after viewing some of these images and you have an interest in participating in this project, please contact my studio at bryant@bpaydenphotography.com Selected prints will also be available for purchase before the gallery exhibition , at a substantial discount, at my online store to support and fund this project to bring the beauty of dance to a wider audience. Thanks you for taking the time to view my work, we appreciate your support and always welcome comments on our work.

Bryant Payden

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