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Nazarah Kelly – Back Bay

For my third Poetry of Motion shoot I headed to The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I was contacted by Nazarah Kelly, a belly dancer in Virginia Beach and I jumped at the chance to shoot this wonderful dancer perform this ancient art form. I met Kelly a few hours before sunset as I wanted to capture the warm soft lighting at sunset with her beautifully colorful outfits.

Kelly first outfit was a gorgeous mermaid inspired blue and purple silk costume that worked very well on the the beach and in the dunes. It was a particularly windy evening and Kelly second outfit was a flowing white costume that looked beautiful flowing around her as she danced. This second outfit had gold accents that shimmered with the setting sun and gave off a beautiful warm glow. As the sun was setting on the back bay side of the refuge I positioned Kelly in front of the sun so that her white scarves and gold accents would radiate the warm glow of the beautiful spring sunset.

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoying sharing them with you and we hope you consider supporting this project to bring the beauty of dance to a wider audience by purchasing one of our limited edition prints here.

“Dance is the poetic baring of the soul through motion.”

-Scott Nilsson

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